One Earth - Two Worlds
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One Earth - Two Worlds

Click the link to watch our video We find ourselves in a time of privilege and prosperity with high standards leading to ever higher wishes. Our kids want the newest phones while in other places in the world, people lose everything overnight and lack what we consider daily basics. The crisis in Syria is still severe and a small contribution already has a great impact on the life of kids and families on site. Save the Children is one of the few organizations that is operating in the crisis area. With your help, we can get Syrians a bit closer to what we take for granted. Examples of what your donations will be used for: -With 10€ a children's doctor can be paid for a day. -With 7€ a whole family can be nurtured for a week. Every donation counts!

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Target: 25,000 kr
4/9/2018 4/22/2018



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One Earth - Two Worlds
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